Client: Bowery Farming (while working at Colossus Creative)
Work: Ad Campaign Platform/ OOH Execution
Location: Boston/New York City
Date: 2021/22

Graphic Design USA
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Details: Bowery Farming is a vertical farming company that is pioneering research and development in the indoor farming sector. I, along with my Copywriter partner Jillian Apetow, and under the guidance and direction of CDs Greg Almeida and Travis Robertson, got the opportunity to develop an advertising campaign to create awareness and excitement about the sector. 

Concepted and put out into the world in the middle of the pandemic, Feel Good Greens is a campaign that tells us that no matter how difficult times might get, Bowery’s greens will always be there to lift you up.

The platform was so well received that the client decided to buy a large chunk of out-of-home ad spaces in New York City, (from what was supposed to originally be just an social media campaign) including a station domination of the Broadway Subway Station in Manhattan, which included 130+ unique placements in one of the largest subway stations in the city.