Web design/ concept

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During my quarantine walks in March of 2020, as I walked past all the temporary signage business owners had put up all over Providence, I decided to create an archive of the signs put up by small business owners in the wake of the pandemic. By creating this archive, I thought, I would be able to then study the language used in them. I was not entirely sure where the project was headed at the time, but I decided that that was okay. Gradually, I started to think about other cities and small businesses all over the world. They too must have been compelled to put out these urgent signs? Would they be using similar language? Similar paper? What else could I learn by putting all of this signage together? - all of these questions led to my second project for grad studio - effectiveimmediately - a website that archives signage from Providence, New Delhi, London, San Francisco, (list will keep growing as more images come in), compares them visually, and then analyzes their language and the common tropes that can be found across different cities and continents.