Formed By

Website Concept 
[Done in collaboration w/ Will Mianecki]

Providence, RI

Formed By is a generative online form, that is created entirely by the participants that participate in filling it out. However, that isn’t made clear right from the start. As one begins to enter information in, you begin to understand that for every answer you submit, you receive a randomized answer from the database, that a previous participant has entered in. For questions with drop downs, you will see a list of options along with your option to submit a custom response—these are responses from previous participants, that you can then choose as your response if you’d like to. The website begins to list out your answers on the right, as an acknowledgment of the fact that they are being recorded, and parallely, you continue to receive responses from previous participants for each question. The system continues to function in this manner, with each answer space noting that your responses will appear in future versions of the form. When you reach the last question of the form, you will not receive a response back as you’ll be the first person to respond to this question—and here’s why—the form then asks you to submit a question to the form, that the next person to participate in this will have added to their form as the last question.

Once the participant submits the form, a pdf with all the previous responses gets downloaded onto their system. The cover  indicates the number of questions that you responded to via color bars corresponding to each question, and then each page goes on to list out responses for each question. Note how the responses get fewer each time as the questions were generated one person at a time; and that after 10 color bars, the pdf responsively changes the width to half, and starts a new row for the next ten questions. The last page will always be the participant’s question, along with the color bars of all the questions that came before theirs.

screenshot of the 12th person to fill out the form.

Video walk-through of the 5th person to fill out the form.

Pages of the pdf received by the 11th participant after completing the form.

Last page of the pdf generated by the 38th participant.

Last page of the pdf generated by the 200th participant.